Deepa Panchamia makes sculptures, installations and wearable art. Combining both natural and synthetic materials through a repetitive and intricate process of folding, pleating, cutting, layering and stitching, her aim is to discover new ways to manipulate fabric to create engaging texural formations. 

Previous exhibitions have included the Premio Valcellina Award, Italy; the 7th Triennial of Contemporary Textiles Arts, Belgium; 100% Design London; the Cheongju International Craft Biennale, South Korea; Revelations: International Fine Craft and Creation Biennial, Paris; the Contextile – Contemporary Textile Art Biennial, Portugal; the Design Museum, Helsinki.

Originally from London, Deepa Panchamia moved to Fiskars Village, Finland in 2012. She is a member of The Finnish Association of Textile Artists (Texo), The Finnish Association of Designers (Ornamo) and The Cooperative of Artisans, Designers and Artists in Fiskars (Onoma).