Mountain of Stairs

Materials + Technique

Silks, Cottons, Linens
Hand-stitched fabric construction

Built around the structure of a never-ending stairway, this sculpture is made from thousands of tiny square pieces. As each fragment is hand-stitched to another, there is a constant element of surprise, as the sculpture naturally bends and grows in unexpected directions along a labyrinthine landscape.

Made from a variety of woven fabrics, the white and translucent subtle hues enhance the work’s complexity, whilst creating a delicate and sensitive surface of light, shadow and reflection.

Mountain of Stairs is part of a series of
mathematically-inspired works handmade by Deepa Panchamia. The underlying concept is to create a continuous, never-ending artwork that will be displayed at different stages of its’ existence. First displayed in 2016 in Stockholm, this is the beginning of a lifelong project. The intention is to constantly add to the structure and document how it evolves over time.